Cyclescapes: Exploring the role of virtual reality cycling for health promotion

Dr. Joyce Obeid, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Virtual reality (VR) is a novel tool being used increasingly in clinical settings to engage patients in an immersive, digitally-generated environment. Combining VR and physical activity may allow children with frequent or prolonged hospital visits to maintain or improve their fitness and function, interact with peers, while also providing an escape from the real-world hospital environment. In this presentation, Dr. Obeid will share the on-going development of a VR-based cycling game and discuss the study’s next steps.

This project will be the focus of her upcoming Early Career Award application to the Hamilton Health Sciences. Feedback from attendees on the proposed methods, participant sample, and study outcomes will help to shape the final submission.


  1. To review the role and potential for VR in a clinical setting.
  2. To outline the rationale and proposed methods for an upcoming submission to the Hamilton Health Sciences Early Career Award.

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