A pilot prospective safety trial of delivering anticoagulation therapy in children at risk of thrombocytopenia

Dr. Felipe Fajardo, PGY2

Supervisor: Dr. Mihir Bhatt

There is a lack of evidence surrounding the delivery of anticoagulant therapy (ACT) in the context of concurrent thrombocytopenia. This study is a prospective pilot study that will investigate the safety of delivering anticoagulant therapy (ACT) according to our institutional protocol for patients with a thromboembolism who are at risk for thrombocytopenia. This will provide further evidence for the safety of this protocol in assessing any major or clinically relevant non-major bleeds.


  • To review the literature surrounding anti coagulation therapy and thrombocytopenia
  • To discuss our plans for the prospective study assessing the safety of our institutional protocol regarding ACT and thrombocytopenia

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