Canadian pediatric resident doctors’ understanding of climate change and its health effects

Dr. Candace Nayman, PGY2

Supervisors: Drs. Ania Van Meer & Anna Gunz

Climate change and extreme weather events have a profound impact on human health. Pediatricians and pediatric residents have a duty to ensure that their patients are aware of the effects of the environment on their health and must be equipped to help them make informed decisions. However, it is unclear what Canadian pediatric residents understand and know about climate change and its effects on pediatric health, as this has never been studied. We will be surveying Pediatric resident physicians on a national level to gain a further understanding of their awareness and perceptions, as well as gathering data such as where they grew up, where they are completing their training, etc, to try to identify any variables that may influence their beliefs.


  1. To explore the importance of climate change as a determinant of health and why this research is essential to pediatric health.
  2. Discuss strategies to optimize resident response without biasing the data.
  3. Elaborate on research questions and ensure they are clear and answerable with the current research strategy.

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