Success at CIHR: Reflections on the journey

Dr. Rahul Chanchlani, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Four new pediatric studies, led by teams in the Faculty of Health Sciences and from research centres across Canada, have cumulatively been awarded $5 million by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) over the next five years. As one of the successful principal investigators, Dr. Rahul Chanchlani will lead a team in developing new reference standards to assess high blood pressure in South Asian children. The study titled “Deriving 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring reference values for SouTh AsiaN Children (ABPM-STANCE),” will also consider the impact of lifestyle factors like physical activity and sleep on 24-hour blood pressure.

In this session, Dr. Chanchlani will share key learnings from the grant submission and review processes that have culminated in his success at CIHR and discuss the objectives, methods, and implementation of his study.

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