Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Among Canadian Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Dr. Kristen Salena, PGY2

Supervisors: Dr. Stacey Marjerrison, Dr. Gita Wahi, Dr. Rosheen Grady, Dr. Melissa Kimber

Much of the discourse around Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) focuses on adults as opposed to youth; however, adolescents are at particularly high risk of IPV. While there is evidence that these groups of adolescents are at disproportionately higher risk of IPV, there is a paucity of literature on IPV in these populations. There has been only one published study on the national prevalence of
adolescent dating violence in Canada and, to date, there are no systematic reviews examining prevalence of IPV among Canadian youth. Our aim is to perform a systematic review in an effort to consolidate evidence in this area. Ultimately, we hope to inform policy and practice for Canadian Pediatricians and trainees caring for youth at risk of IPV.


1) Define Intimate Partner Violence.

2) Review the current literature on IPV in adolescents.

3) Discuss research methodology as it pertains to conducting a systematic review.

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