Virtual clinic: A novel access to urgent care for children with medical complexity

Dr. Smita Roychoudhury, PGY2

Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Lim

This presentation will discuss plans for a retrospective chart review comparing patient outcomes following face to face visits for urgent consultation compared to virtual visits. The research purpose is to see if virtual clinics are feasible as well. Virtual clinics, if found to be equivalent, may be a safer alternative that will not only prevent caregivers from missing work or spend time travelling but also may help them to be comfortable at home.

Project Objectives:

To determine, for urgent concerns of parents/caregivers
a. If a virtual clinic is feasible and comparable to face-to-face clinics with patient assessments and outcomes
b. If a virtual clinic will help with efficient healthcare resource allocation as well parent/patient’s resources while not adversely affecting patient outcomes

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