Revamping the Pediatric Social History: Identifying Gaps in Learners Comfort and Consistency in Social History Taking and an Approach to Improving the Pediatric Social History Taking Model at McMaster

Dr. Alexandra Nieuwesteeg, PGY2

Supervisors: Dr. Julia Frei & Dr. Brittany Anne Howson-Jan

First, I will be completing a literature review to assess what is already being done in terms of streamlining pediatric social histories. 
Then, I will be assessing residents comfort and consistency in asking sensitive questions in a social history through a formal, anonymized survey. 

The end goal is to create a mnemonic, similar to a SHADESS history for social history taking in the pediatric setting in an attempt to standardize this process and increase learners comfort in asking sensitive topics as well as reducing bias by making these a set of routinely asked questions in most pediatric settings. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. What information/teaching is currently provided to learners around social history taking in paediatrics 
  2. Identifying gaps and inconsistencies in our comfort levels of asking certain sensitive questions in paediatric social history taking 

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