Difficult Conversations in Child Maltreatment: Assessing Communication Skills in Pediatric Residents 

Dr. Michelle Wooldridge, PGY2

Supervisors: Dr. Brittany Anne Howson-Jan & Dr. Kathleen Nolan

There is a paucity of information in the literature regarding the use of simulation in medical education for the purposes of assessing communication skills, particularly in the area of child maltreatment. We are designing a project in which we will recruit pediatric residents to undergo teaching and simulation in a randomized fashion at which time they will be assessed using the Kalamazoo framework. We aim to understand if our teaching intervention, the simulation experience or both, help improve communication skills. We will also survey residents to explore their thoughts before and after their participation.


  1. Understand the current status of what is known about simulation for assessment of communication skills in child maltreatment.
  2. Explore our current study design and understand our aims and objectives.
  3. Participate in discussion about improvement opportunities in our design/future directions.

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