Sexual Health Assessments of at Risk Pediatric Patients by Residents: An Educational Intervention

Dr. Rosalind Bihun, PGY2

Supervisor: Dr. Allison Rodrigues

My resident research project aims to compare the ability of pediatric residents to perform full sexual health assessments before and after an educational intervention. We hope to deliver an online module on sexual health history taking and appropriate STI screening to residents. A retrospective chart review assessing sexual health assessments in adolescents will then be completed to see the impact of this intervention.


  1. To elicit feedback regarding the methodology of this research project.
  2. To collect suggestions regarding the most effective delivery of educational interventions.

Safety and Efficacy of Anticoagulation Therapy in Children with Solid Tumours and Lymphomas at Risk of Thrombocytopenia: A Retrospective Study

Dr. Bishal Harry, PGY2

Supervisors: Drs. Mihir Bhatt & Uma Athale

This project assesses the safety and efficacy of McMaster’s anticoagulation therapy protocol for children with solid tumours and lymphomas.


  1. To explore the importance and complications of anticoagulation strategies in childhood tumours and lymphomas.
  2. To discuss quantitative analysis of the safety and efficacy of McMaster’s current anticoagulation protocol in managing thrombosis in pediatric cancer patients. 

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