TRansition US Together (TRUST) Study: A Parent-Centered Educational Toolkit to Support their Adolescents with JIA and cSLE as they Transition to Adult Care

Dr. Molly Dushnicky, PGY2

Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Batthish

The transition from pediatric to adult care is a difficult, and potentially dangerous, period of time for youth with chronic disease. Our pediatric rheumatology clinic, among other clinics, have initiated adolescent-directed tools and strategies to support this transition. However, to date, there are limited resources to support parents in helping their youth through this process. The TRUST study will implement a “Parent Toolkit” to the transition process in pediatric rheumatology and assess it’s efficacy in development of Transition Readiness.


  1. Understanding of the challenges of the healthcare transition from pediatric to adult care
  2. Understand the role of the parent/caregiver in supporting their youth through this process

Assessing social histories in Pediatric inpatient population during COVID-19

Dr. Nina Mazze, PGY2

Supervisor: Dr. Kristin Inch

To discuss the components and importance of social histories in general pediatrics. To discuss an approach to assessing social histories in our general pediatrics inpatient population. To identify areas of improvement to optimize patient advocacy and our understanding of the social determinants of health.


1. To develop a further understanding of the components and importance of social histories in general pediatrics
2. To discuss research methodology for retrospective chart reviews

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