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Gauging reflective practice in pediatric residency candidates through an MMI station

Dr. Spencer van Mil, PGY2

Supervisor: Dr. Quang Ngo

We used an MMI station during the CaRMS 2019 cycle to challenges candidates to demonstrate their ability to engage in reflective practices and self-assessment. We are now validating the station using Messick’s framework. Further, do the results of these stations have any predictive value for future performance and reflective practices as a pediatric resident?


To validate an MMI station intended to identify candidates with poor reflective practices.

Retrospective Case Audit of the QTc Prolonging Effects of Domperidone in Children

Dr. Omar Taibah, PGY3

Supervisor: Dr. Tapas Mondal

This project is a retrospective chart review of ECGs in cases involving the prescription of domperidone for GERD over a period of 6 months to evaluate the effects of the medication on the QTc interval.

Objectives of the presentation:

  1. Receive feedback on the study design and hypothesis.
  2. Explore ideas for further outcomes to study.
  3. Discuss the current practice of obtaining ECGs when prescribing domperidone.

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