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Pediatric post-intensive care syndrome (PICS-p): A national survey of clinicians’ knowledge and perceptions

Dr. David Zorko, PGY5, Clinician Investigator Program

Supervisor: Dr. Karen Choong

Improvements in the care provided in Pediatric Intensive Care Units over the past two decades have resulted in more children surviving critical illness. However, this increased survival has been accompanied with new and persistent physical, psychological, and social morbidities impacting survivorship after critical illness. Collectively, these morbidities are known as pediatric post-intensive care syndrome (PICS-p). The objective of this national survey is to describe Canadian clinicians’ knowledge and perceptions of PICS-p, the long-term sequelae faced by children and families who survive critical illness, and the current resources in place to identify and manage the sequelae.


  1. To highlight the importance of post-intensive care syndrome in pediatrics.
  2. To review the rationale and proposed methodology for this survey study.
  3. To provide feedback on study progress to date, including survey development.

Applying spaced repetition and test-enhanced learning to reinforce a pediatrics academic half day curriculum: A qualitative analysis

Dr. Gurdeep Singh, PGY2

Supervisor: Dr. Quang Ngo

Academic Half Day is a mandatory part of the resident curriculum in which residents receive didactic teaching on various pediatric topics. Our study intervention will utilize the principles of spaced repetition, test enhanced learning, and gamification to improve the overall AHD experience for residents. We will use qualitative methods to explore resident insights and experiences throughout the study, including quarterly focus groups.


  1. To review the pedagogical principles of spaced repetition and test enhanced learning.
  2. To discuss and refine methodology of qualitative data collection.
  3. To review the analysis plan for qualitative data.

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